BW Pumps

We build our own private brand of vertical turbine and submersible turbine pumps.

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Vertical turbine pumps are available in multiple configurations to fit different application needs including:

  • Various materials of construction
  • Oil lube or water lube
  • Open or enclosed impeller
  • Threaded, flanged or fiberglass column assembly
  • Above or below ground discharge
  • Packed or mechanically sealed

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'Our BW Turbine Pumps are available in multiple configurations and different materials of construction to fit all your application needs. Our one-stop shop can supply everything you need.'

Submersible Turbine Pumps

Submersible turbine pumps are available in different materials of construction. Our one stop shop can supply accessories like submersible discharge head, drop pipe, cable wire and submersible motor so you can get your job done on time.

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Material Options

  • Shafting: 416SS, 316SS, or 17-4pH
  • Impellers: Bronze or Stainless Steel
  • Bushings: Bronze, Rubber, Vesconite, Marine
  • Spiders: Lead-free Bronze or Stainless Steel
  • Threaded or Flanged Column Pipe: Steel, PVC (for submersibles) or Fiberglass