Our Products

Borer Wholesale Pump Repair & Supply is a wholesale supplier for a wide range of products. We offer:

  • Line Shaft Turbine, Pumps & Parts
  • Submersible Turbine, Pumps & Parts
  • Water Wells/Environmental
  • Water Products
  • Drilling Products

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Services We Offer

We offer a full repair service from the motor to the suction of your irrigation, municipal or industrial pump. Bowl assemblies, column, tube and shaft, tension assemblies, packing boxes, oil lubricated or product lubricated, we can repair them all. We also work on centrifugal, large turbine, mixed flow or propeller pumps. Ask us about pick up or delivery.

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BW Pumps

We distribute our own brand of vertical turbine and submersible turbine pumps. Our BW turbine pumps are available in multiple configurations and different materials of construction to fit all your application needs. Add a BW discharge head or ask us for a complete BW short set. Our one-stop shop can supply everything else you’ll need for your installation.

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Excellent quality control, product knowledge & inventory. We have experience.

Borer Wholesale Pump Repair & Supply understands the importance of customer service. Our goal is to provide cost effective and reliable solutions for all your line shaft turbine and submersible turbine pump needs.

We provide high quality control, product knowledge, adequate inventory, and over 125 years of combined pump experience. With our experience comes the knowledge of the parts that go into many different turbine pumps. Many of which are not manufactured today.

In addition to meeting your pump needs, we also offer environmental and drilling products. We supply stainless steel screen, steel casing, slotted flush joint and bell end PVC, flush joint and bell end PVC casing, bentonite, sand, PVC points, j-plugs, manhole covers, uprights and ballards. Learn more About Us.

We sell our products to distributors all over the World. How can we help you?

Borer Wholesale Pump Repair & Supply sells line shaft turbine and large submersible turbine pumps and parts all over the world. We also offer full repair services.

Interested in one of our products or services? Contact us today and we will get back to you soon!

Ensure your equipment a longer life. We coat anything.

As an added division to our Services department, we also offer wet or dry coatings.

Epoxy, paint, enamels and many others, through powder coating or wet coating, can be applied not only to our pumps and products, but to any type of equipment that needs an added layer of protection against corrosion and weather. See our Coatings page to learn more.

We are distributors for numerous companies including:

Borer Wholesale Pump Repair & Supply also builds and sells our own brand of vertical turbine and submersible turbine pumps. Learn more about BW Pumps.